Technology – The Americas

There’s a couple used cars on Earth’s moon and a new one on Mars.  Some California and Washington guys made software and computers that really allowed the world to change.  My smart phone with some updated devices could easily run a version the Apollo computer software to take somebody to the moon.

Other people at DARPA dreamed up a network that could stay up and support defense in a war-torn world.  Academics picked it up and it soon became the internet.  A couple of guys from Mexico and Texas universities conspired to hook up a data link across the Laredo bridge.  Messages flowed at 9600 bits per second (off and on).  Today the internet crosses all kinds of borders, like migrating birds, almost to the national peculiarities below them.

I learned from and old episode of West Wing streamed over the internet to my TV that Blind Willie Johnson’s music  left the solar system some years ago on Voyager.  Technology  one of our biggest exports – fueling business and manufacturing around the globe.

My world has really changed and very, very much of that change came from right here in the Americas and spread like wildfire.  A lot of that change originated in the U.S.A. and I’m proud of those accomplishments.


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